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Explore the latest prosthetics A quick glimpse into the first fitting for a prosthetic patient. Using an Ossur prosthetic hand, we demonstrate the various qualities of this device, and whe Ossur Americas Prosthetics Catalog Created Date: 20111109082105Z ossur (041) 365 The end result is award-winning prosthetics, bracing and supports that make a real difference to people’s mobility. The very best in modern REYKJAVIK, Iceland, March 25, 2021 - Össur (Nasdaq: OSSR), a global leader in the orthotics and prosthetics (O&P) industry with a rich history of ground-breaking innovations, has been recognized by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) for its intellectual property leadership in conventional mobility assistive technology. 43.4k Followers, 1,140 Following, 665 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Össur (@ossur) Össur’s prosthetics portfolio includes a full spectrum of premium lower and upper limb prosthetic components. The portfolio ranges from solutions to support low active individuals who may struggle to maintain the ideal balance of safety, comfort, and mobility all the way to solutions designed to enable especially active people to engage in high-impact endeavors. Se hela listan på annual-report.ossur.com Find medical-grade knee braces & knee support from Össur, a trusted name in orthopedics.

Ossur prosthetics

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A leading global company in non-invasive orthopaedics, we deliver advanced and innovative technologies within the fields of prosthetics, braces, supports and compression therapy. Össur’s prosthetics line includes artificial limbs and related products for amputees. Breakthrough technologies have contributed to a leading range of prosthetic solutions with an emphasis on clinical outcomes and quality of life. 35.2k Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from ‘ossur’ hashtag Össur has been working tirelessly for 50 years to bring high quality prosthetics to amputees.

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Ossur Prosthetics Prosthetic Feet K1 Feet K2 Feet DYCOR. Dycor Prosthetics Lower Extremity Feet K1 Feet and K2 Feet. Select Options.

Ossur prosthetics

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Össur’s prosthetics are as close as you can probably get today to an original physiological limb, meticulously designed to offer natural, energy-efficient movement. Central to our research and development is a desire to help people feel safe and confident, to rekindle their ambitions and focus on new goals in life rather than limitations. A Global leader in orthopaedics, Össur employs the smartest minds and the most advanced technologies to help keep people mobile. Download or view our latest catalogs featuring all our bracing & supports and prosthetic products. Össur Prosthetic Solutions feature a range of award-winning devices, including the world‘s first complete bionic lower limb - SYMBIONIC® LEG. Our prosthetics are available for a wide range of amputees of all ages and activity levels, and have also expanded to include upper-limb prostheses from Touch Bionics.

The Company focuses on improving people's mobility by providing prosthetics, bracing, and supports. Ossur serves customers WWW.OSSUR.COM SSUR FEET SSUR DYNAMIC SOLUTIONS PRO-FLEX® XC CLEARANCE *Note: Pro-Flex XC with Unity has the same build height as Pro-Flex XC. KITS PRO-FLEX XC WITH MALE PYRAMID PART# PXC0 FOOT SIZE (22-30) CATEGORY (1-9) L/R (LEFT/RIGHT) Includes: • Foot Module • Removable Foot Cover* with a black Spectra Sock According to Dr. Thorvaldur Ingvarsson, M.D., Ph.D, the orthopaedic surgeon who leads Össur’s research and development efforts and spearheaded the mind-controlled prosthetics project, movement in able-bodied individuals generally begins subconsciously, which triggers electrical impulses inside the body that catalyze the appropriate muscles into action. Biomedicínská firma Össur představila unikátní vynález umělé končetiny ovládané silou mysli. Nová technologie využívá implantované senzory, které posílají si The end result is award-winning prosthetics, bracing and supports that make a real difference to people's mobility. This Össur channel contains educational videos aimed at users and other Prosthetic technology is advancing all the time, with manufacturers like Ossur, Ottobock, Bionix, and more competing to provide the best possible prosthetic comfort and mobility. Choosing the prosthetic option that is most clinically appropriate for your needs requires careful consultation with your prosthetist.
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Ossur prosthetics

As a global leader in non-invasive orthopaedics, we have nurtured an innovative mind-set, continuously pushing the boundaries to create the best products and services in the fields of Prosthetic, Osteoarthritis and Injury Solutions. The prosthetics market. Prosthetics include artificial limbs and related products for individuals who were born without limbs or who have had limbs amputated. Össur offers a full range of premium lower- and upper-limb prosthetics, including feet, knees, hands, liners, and other components. 2019-03-18 · Ossur hf.

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About Össur. Pioneers of advanced technology, our mission is to improve people’s mobility.